Bespoke Sculpture 


I make it my mission to create a sculpture of your pet that speaks to YOU. This requires me to understand how you see and feel about your pet, and how they behave with you. I will work with you, drawing on your stories, photographs and other materials to decide upon a pose and other details. Finally, I will start to create from the inside out whilst getting to know your pet and working toward the final layers where the essence of the animal emanates. How long does this take? Good question, and it is different every time because until I have a sense of, or a feel for, the essence of the animal I cannot complete the final outer layers.



I love to witness animals in the wild, although this is not always possible for every project. Once a project has ‘picked me’, she studies them in-person, on-line and through interviews. Finally a specific animal, sub-species and, if possible, an actual individual is decided upon. Then the love affair begins... If you want a wild animal sculpture, start by discussing the details with me and I will give you the options and a range of prices. It is not possible to give you an estimate before understanding the full details of the project in question, but have a look at the sculptures currently available to get an idea.



Fantastic or extinct animals are always a joy. Our imaginations can be indulged to the fullest extent. Currently I have a project for a Phoenix that I have been planning for some time, and also a Dodo, which will be a smaller creation. But do not be limited by what has come before, discuss your project with me. I loves new ideas and a challenge so this could be a perfect combination - but first you have to ask ...


Mixed Media

Needle felting is the base of all of my creations, but I use a variety of fibres and incorporate precious metal (gold & silver), embroidery and anything needed to produce the desired effect. Although needle felting traditionally uses wool, I have experimented with other animal, plant-based and man-made fibres. It is perfectly possible to commission a beautiful, vegan-friendly creation if required. Be sure to let me know if that this is your preference so that I can advise on the effects that can be achieved.



It all starts with a conversation - send Stephanie an email with your thoughts and let's see if we have a good fit.