I am a fibre artist and I create sculptures using the needle felting technique. I use wool and other fibres to imitate the feathers and fur of the animal I am sculpting. I don’t just give you masterful realism – which is a given – I give you a moment in the life of …

If I can relate to the animal then I can create a sculpture with soul, which either gives you a moment back with a treasured companion or an emotional moment with a creature you have probably dreamt of meeting.

I reflect their soul and environment whilst interpreting that connection with colour uniquely to each sculpture. I incorporate a piece of silver into each piece as my signature.

My upcoming series is called Reflections and includes a selection of wildlife from across the globe. Each piece will uniquely reflect the essence of the animal and its environment. There are no rules or limitations when it comes to this range—any colour or medium can be added to the fibre sculpture to reflect the animal’s full character in its coat and features.

Furthermore each piece will include, somewhere in its creation, a solid silver addition, to further emphasise a characteristic and provide a distinctive signature to the piece.

This exciting, new, colourful range will be premiered at the next on-line Bloomz Art Show in January 2021. Sign up HERE to our newsletter to be first in-line for tickets.

Selection from the Masterful Collection