Love of Animals

I have had a life-long connection with animals — from the first family Boxer dog that protected me in my crib to the magnificence of Africa. It seemed like an unkind joke that I was unable to draw or paint this love that I felt … until I found sculpture. My love was in 3D! The medium of fibre allows me to express everything that I see and feel. I start with technical studies of the skeleton, muscles and skin/coat, and then I am free to get to know their character.

The Essence!

There is an element of study to find out, from others, about an animal - from general study to learning about others’ experiences and knowledge. For a pet it is essential to understand the owners relationship with their animal. From there I make my own connection – be it in person or with a video – and when an extinct animal is concerned, through photographs or drawings. I can never predict how long this familiarisation will take, there is just a moment when we connect.


I exhibit at in-person and on-line art shows and have been commissioned by individuals and institutions around the world. With a Kingfisher in Chiswick, Green Sea Turtle in Costa Rica and a Rainbow Razorback called Ruby in Arkansas to name a few. I heard a whisper that a Dodo might be showing up sometime soon and we wait excitedly to find out where!

The Collective

One of the delights of spending time with other artists is the inspiration and ideas that spark into life that would perhaps have not seen the light of day if that conversation had not happened. So I enjoy, immensely, being part of an art collective called The Bloomz. This an international group of artists that met on-line and they hold yearly events and on-line shows.