What's it all about

Are you a nature lover that delights in all creatures?
Do you love unique pieces that reflect your innovative style?
Perhaps you even hope to highlight the plight of endangered species?

You take care to pick art that reflects your love of wildlife but at the same time respects the environment it depicts

You enjoy the adventure of finding unusual pieces that suit your eclectic style and placing them in your home so that they are noticed, but not staged.

You love to share your home—and the fact it reflects your taste in the unique and wonderful—with friends, family and new acquaintances.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Lester, and I create extraordinarily lifelike sculptures that exude the essence of the creatures that are my latest muse. Each unique piece exudes a different emotion to everyone that views it, reflecting the individuality of the beholder.

What better way to showcase your love of nature than with a sculpture—3D portrait—created out of organic fibre?


Just fishing: if your visiting the river and you are lucky enough to notice a kingfisher sitting patiently waiting, enjoy the moment, becaue in a flash he will be gone..

"I really am lost for words! He is perfect in every way!
You are such a clever and talented lady and we really don’t know how to thank you enough! "
Carol & John